Aquatic Fitness

Training in water is no longer just for the elderly or for rehabilitation after injuries or surgery. Nowadays, we can even talk about high-intensity training in a pool (with low risk of injuries).

Exercising in water has become a revolution in the industry of fitness. It allows you to do many exercises that would be really difficult to carry out on firm ground. It also has great benefits as all muscles can move without putting any weight on your joints, so the risk of obtaining an injury is almost non-existent. This is due to floatability; your body weight can be up to 90% lighter in the water compared to firm ground.

At Rulifes you can find items from aquatic bicycles and treadmills to entire pools that you can install at home to swim comfortably.


TIDALFIT, the perfect mixture between a heated mini-pool and a whirlpool spa bath.

TidalFit (all-in-one: for exercise, leisure and spa).TIDAL FIT “The exercise pool” allows you to do complete cardiovascular and muscular training, by combining swimming, rowing and multiple weight exercises allows you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. All in one.



Aquatic bicycles and treadmills



Rowing simulator.

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