Dive in and relax.

Multiply benefits and minimize risk of injury with our complete line of aquagym equipment.


Water physic activity has changed the fitness industry for good since it allows to improve the basic physical skills of strength, endurance, speed, flexibility as well as coordination, balance, rhythm and agility.

Aquafitness provides great conditioning benefits while involves a wide range of muscle mass without overload your joints. That means the joint stress is null, reducing the risk of injury to zero.

Aqua training uses water´s specific characteristics of buoyancy, resistance and thermal conductivity to enhance physical and strength conditioning.

Its resistance forces the muscles to work intensely while buoyancy protects the joints and keep the body in balance.

Servicios: PoolBiking

In Rulifes you can find innovative aqua training equipment such as bicycle, elliptical and treadmills, as well as training and hydro-massage pools. Logotipo PoolBiking


Poolbiking is the most advanced aqua bicycle of the industry: its progressive resistance and its anatomical pedal, suitable to be used without footwear, stand out as the most innovative elements that allow to develop aqua spinning sessions in a completely safe way.

There is a POOLBIKING model suitable for each purpose with lines specifically designed for hotels, rehabilitation, fitness, spa, pro-training and a special line to be used in salted water.

POOLBIKING CORE, POOLBIKING ORBITAL, first water elliptical, and the POOLTREKING treadmills that comes in fitness and rehab versions, complement this line of products.

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All in one: exercise, infinity pool and hydrotherapy.

TIDAL FIT offers a complete cardio and muscular training combining swimming, rowing and other multiple strength training options, giving the chance to end every session at the peace of a hydrotherapy. All this in the same product.

Water flow can be adjusted according the kind of activity that you want to perform, whether it is for family amusement or a more extreme and professional swim.

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