It is a leading Italian company in the manufacture of fitness equipment. It was founded in 1983, by Nerio Alessandri, who has also coined the concept "Wellness" as we know it today, "a lifestyle of well-being that integrates physical activity, a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude". Technogym develops an extensive variety of fitness [...]

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Since 1964, it has been manufacturing traditional Finnish saunas, steam rooms, sauna heaters, floor kits and accessories. Traditional saunas help to improve health and well-being naturally by increasing blood flow and releasing toxins and impurities from the body, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. More info

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Balanced Body

Their passion for positive transformation of body and mind through conscious movements led them to become the world's largest supplier of Pilates educational equipment and materials. They were the first company to substantially update Joseph Pilates equipment by merging biomechanical engineering and technology. More info

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Gibson is the reference brand in equipment and accessories for sports, artistic, ballet and Parkour gymnastics. Gyms, dance academies and entertainment centers around the world endorse the quality and safety of their equipment and supplies. More info

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Nufit Corp

It develops the most versatile and balanced free weights line, Nubells. Its circular construction equitably distributes the weight around the hand allowing kinetic movements to be carried out naturally and efficiently while reducing the risk of injury. This colorful NuBells line complements a variety of bars, such as NuBar, which with their automatic action provide [...]

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Premium company in the manufacture of high quality free weights. The combination of experience, innovation and constant research of its creators allowed to develop this innovative line of dumbbells with comfortable storage and superior aesthetics. More info

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The Abs Company

It manufactures innovative and high quality commercial abdominal and functional training equipment focused on the development of the central force. Its Ab Coaster, TireFlip 180, Ab Solo, Impact Cages and Abs Bench lines are present in gyms and homes around the world. More info

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Focusmaster® Fitness

It is a 30-minute group workout that works the whole body. It incorporates basic fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing to an innovative training team, the FOCUSMASTER® G-1000. Their routines combine intervals of strength and impact exercises in a fast and effective training program. More info

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Life Span

It is a world reference in corporate wellness products and pioneers in the integration of physical exercise in the workplace. Designs and manufactures fitness equipment compatible with professional day-to-day activities such as treadmills or desktop bicycles. More info

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It has revolutionized the world of interactive fitness with its simulated training routines, they are creators of the first boxing simulator and pioneers of the "Exergaming" sector. Their equipment adapts to all type of public, for that reason they are chosen by commercial gyms, schools, universities, hotels, cruises, military bases, among others. More info

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