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Industry leader in the manufacturing and distributing of quality and adaptable metal, wood or plastic lockers as well as any kind of storage solutions. More info

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Since 1964, it has been manufacturing traditional Finnish saunas, steam rooms, sauna heaters, floor kits and accessories. Traditional saunas help improving health and well-being naturally by increasing blood flow, releasing toxins and impurities and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. More info

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Balanced Body

Their passion for positive transformation of body and mind through conscious movements led them to become the world's largest supplier of Pilates educational equipment and materials. They were the first company to substantially update Joseph Pilates equipment by merging biomechanical engineering and technology. More info

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Gibson is the reference brand in equipment and accessories for sports, artistic, ballet and Parkour gymnastics. Gyms, dance academies and entertainment centers around the world endorse the quality and safety of their equipment and supplies. More info