Everything for your spa

Relax … Rulifes has everything you need to enjoy the spa of your dreams


When you feel the need to create a space of harmony and relaxation in your home or business, Rulifes will help you find your best wellness option

We have the widest selection of wellness products in the Caribbean and we bring it wherever you are, because we know that wellness has no borders.

This is what we offer you:


With Rulifes Service, you just have to relax and enjoy

We can supply you from a one-person sauna without necessary installation, to a complete customized Spa.

Check with us all the possibilities (infrared technology, chromotherapy, foot baths, ice fountains, warming lounge, etc)


The stress of everyday life was left behind. In our saunas you will only find peace, health and well-being.

It is proven that the regular use of the sauna or the steam bath improves the health and the sensation of well-being of natural form when increasing the sanguineous flow and releasing the toxins and impurities of the body.

Rulifes has an extensive range of products ranging from a one-person sauna to a custom spa complex. We also provide special ambience equipment such as:

  • Starry sky effect
  • Surround sound
  • Infrared technology
  • Chromotherapy
  • Foot bath
  • Ice fountains
  • ¨warming lounge¨.


Immerse yourself in a world of sensations where air and water combine to give you pleasure

We offer a wide range of hydrotherapies with the best value for money that will allow you to create your health and wellbeing space in harmony with the design of your home. Rulifes works to make the bathroom the most special moment of your day and offers you:

  • “Ready-to-use” products for easy installation and low cost.
  • Green technology, with high energy efficiency engines and low consumption.
  • Distribution, installation and maintenance throughout the Caribbean


Feel the vigor and peace of the water adjust to your will

Rulifes presents a line of exercise pools with adjustable flow that will allow you to adapt the current flow against which you want to swim. Their programs vary from leisure to professional training so you can enjoy the water alone or as a family.

Our swimming pools, healthy and decorative, adapt to any environment, whether indoor or outdoor, thanks to its wide combination of shapes and technical characteristics.